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Board portal
– to confidential and sensitive board documents

The board portal is a tool designed to digitise and streamline board work. It is a secure platform that allows board members to collaborate, share information and make decisions in a more efficient way. A board portal creates the framework for a professional and structured workflow for the board, advisory board, etc. Role-based access level also allows for e.g. the auditor and secretary to distribute and archive confidential documents for the board.

One of the biggest benefits of using a board portal is that it ensures a high level of security for the sensitive information that is typically exchanged before, during and after board meetings. The board portal uses advanced security protocols, including encryption and access control, to protect the data from unauthorised access and misuse.

The board portal offers:

Do you recognise that…

  • confidential and sensitive board documents are distributed via e-mail
  • board documents are received, e.g. from the auditor and secretary, who are not members of the board
  • board documents are archived locally with each board member – often in the e-mail program
  • historical board documents and minutes are not in one place and therefore not accessible to all board members
  • the board has not taken a position on IT security for the correct handling of documents

Common structure with the board portal

The board portal provides a common platform to structure, store and organise board documents, decisions and communication. This makes it easier for board members to find and reference relevant information when they need it.

All in all, the board portal is a necessary board tool for boards that want to digitise their work and achieve a higher degree of security and efficiency. It allows board members to collaborate and make decisions in a more efficient way, while at the same time protecting their data from unauthorised access and misuse.

See the board portal in 30 min

We are ready to give you an online demo of our board portal. It’s completely non-binding, but it will navigate you through the portal and give you a good insight into the many features of the board portal. We start with a fictitious board of directors and no preparation is required on your part.

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