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High Data Security

The board's confidential and sensitive documents are secured at an extremely high level with the board portal.

100% Cloud-based

The boardportal requires no integration or installation. You can log in directly wherever you are and on the device you want to work from.

Simple and intuitive

The boardportal is designed with a focus on ease of use. Simple and intuitive to use for all members of the board and related committees.

Why use a board portal?

To streamline board work before, during, and after board meetings while also complying with current legislation regarding IT security and GDPR.

A board portal is a board management tool, specifically designed for achieving more structure and a more secure way to share and process confidential documents and information. The portal optimizes board work, among other things by freeing up time for the board for value-creating board work, thus creating added value for the company/organization.

The board portal optimizes the processes of board members regarding collaboration and decision-making, which, among other things, increases the overview in the board’s work. Access to a board portal can be granted to both internal and external stakeholders. Accesses are defined and managed using different levels of access, which are adapted to the user’s role in the respective board. If further discretion is desired, a professional board portal can create confidential workspaces, where, for example, particularly sensitive personal matters or other topics requiring restricted access can be handled.

A good board platform is user-friendly and provides easy access to information, meetings, minutes, statutes, budgets, etc. for all board members, regardless of where they are and regardless of the device they are working from.

The board portal is the ideal solution for companies seeking a secure and efficient platform for their board work. Throughout the entire process – from planning and coordination before meetings, to execution and minute writing, as well as follow-up after meetings with minutes for digital signature – the board portal is the right choice for professional board work.

Experience the value of a board portal

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Can you recognize that…

  • Confidential and sensitive board documents are distributed via email.
  • Board documents are received, e.g. from auditors, secretaries, etc. who are not members of the board.
  • Board documents are archived locally with the individual board member - often in the email program.
  • The Board of Directors has not taken a position on IT security for the proper handling of board documents.
  • You must collect documents from several emails and your own archive systems before each board meeting.
  • The historical documents and minutes of the Board of Directors are not gathered in one place and thus not accessible to all Board members.

The boardportal contains, among other things:

Hybrid Meeting
Make board meetings even more efficient, and allow board members to participate either physically or virtually via the hybrid meeting feature.
Optimize document management and streamline the agreement processes with the e-signature solution. Sign with BankID, MitID, SMS code, etc.
Interactive Annual Wheel
Make annual planning more engaging and manageable with the interactive annual wheel.
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Image module
Poll Feature
Make decision-making more streamlined and efficient with the voting module. Conduct votes across meetings and documents or create your own polls.
Minutes Function
Write the minutes directly during the meeting and possibly send them for approval to the chairman before sending them for electronic signature by the board members.
Automatic PDF Generation
Documents uploaded to the board portal will automatically generate a PDF version of the uploaded file regardless of the file type uploaded.
Download Meeting Book
Make meeting materials easily accessible to all board members.
Workspace for Selected Members
Create a digital space where all team members can share resources, discuss ideas, and work together.
2-Factor Login (2FA)
Enhance security and protect sensitive data with 2-Factor Login. Provide users with an extra layer of protection at login, so only authorized persons gain access.
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