About BetterBoard

- An online platform for board members

BetterBoard is a Danish SaaS company whose purpose is to develop and sell software for boards, associations and other groups. The board software must structure and improve activities in connection with planning, execution and follow-up of board work and other management meetings.
The boardportal has been developed to meet the increasing demands for security, structure and efficiency of the board’s work.

A portal for the professional board

We are constantly working to develop and optimize the boardportal, which can help increase the efficiency of the individual board.
In everything we develop, we work on the basis that it must be simple and intuitive, as our target group is at both ends of the scale in relation to using digital solutions. It should be easy for everyone.

At the same time, we try to be at the forefront of tomorrow’s requirements and opportunities in the digital world, which will make good sense for existing and future users of the BetterBoard platform. At the same time, our customers are to a large extent helping to determine how the future of functionalities and options should be on the portal.

At BetterBoard, we are always open to a dialogue and if you have any questions about BetterBoard or our product, you should be more than welcome to contact us.

Stefan Schelde Hansen
CEO & Founder
Per Lund
CTO & Partner