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Data room provides secure and easy information sharing in due diligence processes

Data room – more than just storing and sharing confidential documents. A data room is used from the initial NDA (non-disclosure agreement) to the final contract, both of which are signed digitally with e-signature directly in the data room.

A data room is an important tool when you need to ensure encrypted and efficient document sharing, e.g. M&A’s (purchase and sale of companies).

With BetterBoard’s virtual data room, security and efficiency are achieved easily and simply.

Due diligence not only for M&A

Due diligence situations where a virtual data room is often required:

  • Change of ownership
  • Raising capital
  • Acquisitions
  • Risk assessments
  • Contracts concluded
  • Projects
  • .. other transactions which require full confidentiality

What advantages does a data room provide?

Data rooms are typically used in processes where a high degree of confidentiality and e-signatures are required.

A virtual data room gives the company the opportunity to share sensitive and confidential information, documents and information with people both inside and outside the company.

The data room ensures high IT security where all communication is encrypted and at the same time 100% tracking of what happens to the shared information directly in a closed data room.

With the BetterBoard data room, you can choose between 5 different access levels depending on what each user needs to be able to do in the data room.

In the data room, for example, rights can be granted to:

  • See
  • Read
  • Download
  • Upload
  • Create folders
  • See own questions
  • See all questions
  • Sign

“A digital data room provides security and creates trust where due diligence of a company is required, for example in connection with acquisitions/divestitures,” says Stefan Schelde, Founder of BetterBoard. If you have many involved partners and documents, a data room with a user-friendly Q&A function helps ensure a simpler process with structure and an overview.”

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Stefan has built BetterBoard on the concept; ” You have to keep order in your own pencil case.

This is also true for due diligence, which can be created with a digital data room.

The importance of being able to accumulate contracts, accounting figures and other important information in one place to give the partners involved a picture of the health of the business and an overview of the legal and financial situation.

Data room – professional and user-friendly

  • Full overview of access and activity
  • Efficient and encrypted document sharing
  • Secure 2-factor login by default
  • Sign easily with e-signature
  • Rights management at the folder and document level
  • Intuitive Q&A module
  • Document tracking
  • Index overview
  • Easy creation of "counterpart"
  • Automatic PDF generation
  • Logging user events
  • Export of all information and communication related to closing
  • Smart requestlist function
Due Diligence | Datarum

Data room with intuitive Q&A function (questions and answers)

In a due diligence process, it is important to be able to ask questions directly to a specific document and then at the same time have an overview of the questions asked and answered.

BetterBoard’s data room has an intuitive Q&A feature that allows assigned people in the data room to ask questions directly on the document. The administrator of the data room pre-selects who can view/answer the questions asked.

All communication is stored in the data room in a structured form so that a file containing all information and communication that has taken place in the data room can be downloaded at closing.

With the Q&A function in the dateroom, you get a structured and trustworthy overview of all communication, which creates peace of mind in a potentially vulnerable sales situation.

Prices for virtual data room


€250 by monthly payment
€2,000 by annual payment

  • 1 data room
  • Unlimited number of folders
  • 1 GB of data
  • Incl. 20 users
  • A total of 20 signature processes included


€400 by monthly payment
€3,350 by annual payment

  • 5 data rooms
  • Unlimited number of folders
  • 10 GB data
  • Incl. 20 users
  • A total of 20 signature processes included


€550 by monthly payment
€4,700 by annual payment

  • 10 data rooms
  • Unlimited number of folders
  • 100 GB data
  • Incl. 20 users
  • A total of 20 signature processes included

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Do you need a data room?

As always, BetterBoard is available for onboarding, although this is rarely necessary as the system is easy to use. In addition, it requires no integration, as it is a 100% cloud-based solution.

We have Danish support if you need it.

Book directly

We are ready to give you an online demo of our data room. Here you will be navigated around the system and get a good insight into the data room and its smart functions.

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