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With e-signature, you have the ability to digitise processes that require signatures from board members. This way you can save a lot of time on printing, e-mailing, scanning and more. In addition to a faster process in the signing phase, there are other benefits to using digital signatures. Save time and comply with legal requirements for approving minutes with the e-signature solution directly on the board portal.

BetterBoard has chosen to partner with the leading Nordic e-signature provider Scrive.

With e-signature on the board portal, you get:

  • A clear overview of all signed documents as the portal automatically creates a personal signature folder for each user.
  • Ability to collect signatures from people who are not members of the board, for example, in relation to agreements and contracts.
  • Complete overview for the administrator of who has signed and who has not yet in a signature process.
  • A signed document that is stamped with a digital certificate, making it impossible to edit the document.
  • A signature that can be used globally, as it doesn’t require local identification solutions like NemID or BankID.
  • An environmentally friendly solution as the digital signature method reduces paper consumption.
  • For an advanced e-signature, you can use Danish MitID/NemID, Swedish BankID or Norwegian BankID.
  • It is possible to select a specific signature method per document. So some sign with MitID, others with PIN (2-factor) and maybe even a third party on the same document without further authentication.
  • The ability independently to withdraw a signature process and start over.
  • Ensuring document authenticity, where you can check the signed documents, for example, to make sure they have not been compromised.

Optimise your workflow

E-signature is undoubtedly one of the elements that can help optimise the board’s workflow, allowing for more efficient meetings with room for value-creating board work.

Digitise the board

With a digitised board, you get a greater overview of the board and its activities. See how prepared you are for the next meeting, or take a look at previous meetings in the meeting archive.

Secure and easy signing with e-signature

Signing minutes with e-signature on the board portal is both secure and easy. With the advanced technology behind Scrive’s e-signature solution, you can rest assured that your signed documents are prepared according to the requirements of the eIDAS regulation for advanced electronic signature generation systems. At the same time, you save time by avoiding manual signatures and sending minutes back and forth for signature.

E-signature allows you to sign documents and board minutes electronically with just a few clicks, no matter where you are. You also have the option to sign with a variety of methods, including NemID, BankID and PIN (2-factor).

Overview and structure with the board portal

The board portal automatically creates a personal signature folder so you always have an overview of your signed documents.

Signing with e-signature on the board portal is an environmentally friendly solution as the digital signature method reduces paper consumption. It’s also a simple and quick solution that ensures your minutes are signed in a secure and easy way directly on the board portal.

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The e-signature function is an additional purchase for the BetterBoard portal.
Contact us today to learn more about the feature and how you can get electronic signatures on your board portal.

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