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Automatic PDF generation

In addition to creating structure and security in board work, a professional board software should also make it simple and easy for both the individual board member and those who manage the board portal.

Automatic PDF generation is one of the technical measures that makes it possible to facilitate document management.

Automatic PDF generation is basically a “conversion engine” that automatically generates PDF files from the files uploaded to the board portal. Of course, you still have access to the original files if you need to continue working with e.g. budgets in Excel.

Conversion to PDF

In practice, this means that if you upload file formats such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel, .msg, Google docs etc. the board software automatically generates a PDF version that can be read in the portal’s “web viewer”, which is also an annotation tool. You can read more about the “web viewer” features here.

With automatic PDF generation, this also means you can download a meeting book for each board meeting. This means that once the facilitator/administrator has uploaded all documents in different file formats to the agenda on the board portal (in many different file formats), the portal will generate a meeting book in PDF format.  With a single click, each board member can get all meeting materials in a structured PDF file.

Data room

Automatic PDF generation is also part of the BetterBoard virtual data room, where it serves the same purpose as the board portal.

In data rooms, PDF generation is also enhanced with user event traction, which means that administrators/owners of the data room can always keep track of what is happening with each document. This is very useful in M&A processes and other situations where it is important to know if the “other party” has read and possibly downloaded the requested documents. Learn more about data rooms here.

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