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Global task function

Easy and simple tasking on the BetterBoard board platform ensures efficient task distribution to the respective users.

The task function is an effective tool for the individual member and not least for the meeting facilitator and recorder, who often have to assign the agreed tasks.

With a single click, you can create a task on the board portal and assign it to the person(s) who need to perform the task. Set a deadline for the task, and you can also choose to make it private so that only those involved can see the task.

View from your login front page

If you have one or more tasks, you can quickly get an overview of how many ongoing tasks you have via the task icon on your login page. It indicates how many you have and if any deadlines have been missed. You can easily and quickly access your tasks by clicking on the icon and you will be taken directly to your task list for the respective board, committee, advisory board etc.

See your ongoing tasks on the BetterBoard login page with task function

Commenting on ongoing tasks

The comment function makes it easy to continuously update the status/questions etc. of a given task, and you can always choose to inform any other participants of the new status of the task. Every status update is logged so you can always see who, what and when information/comments have been added to the task.

Automatic reminders

Opgavenotifikationer til opgavefunktionen på BetterBoard Bestyrelsesportalen

A board platform should make it easy for users, which is why BetterBoard’s task function has an automatic reminder function on all tasks so you don’t have to set them yourself. Therefore, the system sends a polite reminder at the pre-set times to help members plan their task activities in the best possible way. Once a task is completed, with a single click you can change the status to “completed task” and it will be archived in your list of completed tasks.

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