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Smart search function

- A unique search function that enables an efficient search of the entire BetterBoard portal in a very short time.

The BetterBoard portal is an incredibly simple and straightforward portal to navigate, but it may still be necessary to search for specific documents from time to time.

Free text search

On the BetterBoard portal, an extended free text search has been implemented, which works much in the same way as Google searches. Among other things, this means that the search function is not only limited to searching for a file or a document name, but that it is also possible to search for one or more selected keywords in the text of all* documents.

In practice, this means that if you, for example, search for the word “digitalisation”, the BetterBoard portal will be able to find all documents that contain the word “digitalisation”. Subsequently, the result from the search will be displayed in a clear and informative list, which will look like this:

  • Title (the file name)
  • Origin (which meeting/folder it belongs to)
  • Uploaded by (who uploaded the document)
  • Uploaded (exact time indication of when it was uploaded)

In “search result”, you just have to click on the desired document and you will be sent directly to the folder or meeting to which it belongs. When the desired document has been found and opened, you can use the search function in the viewers, which gives you an overview of all the places in the document where the word in question appears.

Use the search function for all board documents

Smart search function on the BetterBoard Board Portal

Smart search function on the BetterBoard Board Portal

Use the search function in a document

Use the search function in a document

Smart search function on the BetterBoard Board Portal

The legal requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

The intelligent search function on the BetterBoard portal is of course very valuable for the individual board member, who needs to be able to carry out efficient and fast searches. However, it is also worth noting that, in relation to the GDPR, there are a number of legal requirements that make it necessary for the data controller to be able to search and obtain all data and documentation containing personal data in the board material.

A platform for the entire board

The board portal and its smart functions help create the framework for an efficient workflow. Experience what the portal can do for your board by ordering a free, non-committal, 30-day free trial access – no strings attached. If you want a personal presentation of the portal with the opportunity to ask questions as you go, you can order an online demo from one of our colleagues.

If you want more information about the BetterBoard portal, you can order it by clicking here.

* Only the documents you have access to

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